The art of building, of architecture, 
is the projection into space
of the lawfulness of our own human bodies.”

Rudolf Steiner  ·  Dornach 29.12.1914

Dear Artist-friends and those interested,

100 years after Rudolf Steiner‘s architectural impulse, what does „organic living architecture” look like today, especially in light of the fact that computer-aided drawing techniques now make it possible for every architectural firm worldwide to develop organically shaped amorphous structures? 

Each design element changes according to its location and function and yet remains part of the larger whole and integrates itself into the surrounding environment. Can that which Steiner created here on the Dornach hill still be a source of inspiration for those working within today‘s artistic, social and economic conditions? Does „organic living architecture“ follow a specific and recognizable canon of set forms or is the organic development process itself and the manner of incorporating everything into the overall wholeness still in the foreground? How do I recognize „organic living architecture“ and how has it further developed? 
All those interested in architecture are warmly invited to discuss these questions with us. In addition we will hear and see work reports from Japan, China and Europe. 

Professionals who would like to offer a conference workshop-group or would like to exhibit their work in the foyer of the Goetheanum in the „Market of Opportunities“, please contact us by 30th of March at:

As a prelude to the conference, we are offering a guided tour of the architecture campus of the Vitra Design Company in Weil am Rhein on Thursday 10th May 2018. The campus includes buildings by renowned architects such as: Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Tadao Ando and Alvaro Siza ( Application with the attached talon. Costs (10 €) are not included in the conference fee, to be payed on-site.
For those who are visiting Dornach for the first time, there will be an opportunity via workshops and guided tours to get to know Steiners’ buildings directly. In addition, we will open the archives with the original construction models.

We very much look forward to a fruitful interaction with one another on the topic of „organic living architecture”!

Warm greetings,
Marianne Schubert   Head of the Visual Arts Section
On behalf of the preparation team